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Originally Posted by nomad5326 View Post
Beyond Starbucks V2, lets try this again without all the angst, trolling and whatnot that keeps happening. Try to keep this on topic and supportive. Original emphasis is getting big bike ADV/DS/XC riders off the tarmac and fire roads and pushing the limits while expanding the experience level and adventure. So as quoted in the original thread post:

"Like the dinosaurs that used to roam the earth but were wiped out, apparently by a huge asteroid, ADVrider was also once a place where big bikes were more abundant.
ADVrider was created to support the horizon-chasing adventure motorcycling community. Because of that, we support free-wheeling thinking, great pictures and stories, those who aren't afraid to turn a wrench (and those who have turned them with trepidation), and riders who respect the diversity that makes the planet worth traveling.
ADVrider is certainly diverse, but isn’t always a place where that diversity is respected, especially for us big-bike riders. The common joke about us involves use of the word “Starbucks” (insert laughter). We get it. KLR riders are cheap, KTM riders wear nothing but orange and big bike riders (particularly the GS/GSA’s) never venture beyond Starbucks. It's funny because there’s an element of truth to it.

This thread, “B E Y O N D S T A R B U C K S” is intended as a place for big-bike riders in the West Region to discuss bikes, gear, farkles, riding, trip planning, training, etc… amongst others of like mind. This thread is not a place to disrespect the diversity that is ADVrider. Trolls, haters and bike fascists are free to bash in Jo Mama.

Most importantly though, us big bike riders with less off-road experience need to venture beyond our local coffee shop. Go ahead, get your bike dirty. Adventure doesn’t have to mean an 18 month journey through Asia and Africa, but neither is it a quick ride down Laguna Canyon Road and back.

Big bikes are great at touring and there will be touring opportunities. Big bikes are great on the street and there will be opportunities to ride plenty of twisties, as well as participate in track days. The most exciting opportunities will be off-road in events geared for the big bike. We’ll plan our own big-bike rides, as well as be part of other rides throughout the year.

For you more seasoned big bike riders, step up and show some leadership here. Give something back to the community that gave you your intro to adventure.

Big Bike Friendly Rides:

San Diego Back Country Adventure Route: 1/1/12 (CA Stu)
2012 Carrizo Plains-Pozo-Camino Cielos Ride 1/28-29 (H8Chains)
nOObs rALLy end of march madness 2012 3/30-4/1 (H8Chains)
Big Bike Skills Day 3/24/12 in Hesperia (Fudgypup)
Quatro de Mayo full mOOn ride (Rowher Flats; Klammer)
San Diego Back Country Adventure, Round 2 - May 5-6, 2012 (Bdarling)
May 26-30 Toroweap-Grand Canyon-So. Utah (TBD; H8chains)
GeoMoto's Flying Monkey Adventure Rally (S. Utah/Grand Canyon; July 19-22)
Explore Mt. San Jacinto (June 29-Jul 1; Nomad5326)
WMRS (8th Annual; Aug 3-5; Benton Crossing/Brown's Meadow CG; RAZR)
WMRS (Unofficial; Aug 30-Sep 2; Benton Crossing/Brown's Meadow CG; Fudgypup)
CORE Mammoth Brews and Blues Aug 3-5 (Crawdaddy)

Alaska Rides:

Lonestar2112 (summer '12)

Anyway, lets attempt to keep this going. Overly opinionated thoughts should be pushed to PM and if your not a big bike rider, pls don't stir the pot.

Cheers, I see this lasting a week...
You don't get it do you? The first thread was doomed because of what it stood for as later demonstrated by the OP's attitude, not in general, but in detailed by the OP from the get go and throughout his posts.

If you want this to survive, let it go and go with the flow. We all support the general idea.

We all support big bike rides and NOOBs learning more, what we don't support is division of any sort, so if this is your groove then move on.

What you are doing would be considered trolling by the mods, so don't go the "way of the dinosaurs" by posting the same shit twice. Once at 4:44 and again at 4:57.

We get it, you loved Fudgy. So then go start an "Ode to Fudgy" thread. Good luck with that.

Grinch is trying to keep things on track this time, so let's not fuck it up again.

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