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Originally Posted by nomad5326 View Post
No defender here mate and not a troll. May be late, someone said start a V2 and I did w/o all the other shite included, so it was clean. Not a lover or hater and just want everyone to ride and get along riding. I hadn't seen Grinch's thread or I would't have posted. Thought mind didn't go through so sent it again. It's not about trying to be persistent, just thought it was jacked up somehow. You mates want to carry on he idea w/Grinch's thread then so be it. I don't really care as long as the intent of the original thread was about big bike riders getting away from the pavement and having fun, gaining experience and sharing. Cool. Lotts of love here brother.
Originally Posted by doxbike View Post
Enough for Christ's sake-let it go, man
Or do you always have to have the last word? We get your point

get a room guys. :ymca

you are doing EXACTLY what you say you dislike.
"when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"
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