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Originally Posted by Maxacceleration View Post
The weak area on the '12 IMO is the dealers. They don't believe your problem or can't find the problem.
For me it is easy to get disillusioned with this bike.
There is always a worry with this bike, whether its fueling or electronics glitch of some sort. For a premium bike I feel the electrical is cheap.
My bike stalls at low rpm's. Hard to be confident in the technical sections with a stalling bike...
I fall uphill most of the time.
Seems the 2012s have a few issues, the backfiring being one in particular which may be due to the bike running so lean. Mine was back firing through the throttle body and pushing the air box and rubber coupling along with it's sensors off. Back fired once hard enough to drive the TPS sensor into the frame and crack it. I had it at the dealer yesterday to get a new sensor installed. The dealer wasn't sure it would be covered under warranty because I had since changed the pipe and added the Akro map to richen up the fueling, however dealer made the call to KTM who acknowledged that the back firing is a known issue. This part is hearsay as I wasn't on the phone with KTM but the dealer came back and told me - yes it is going to be covered under warranty, KTM recognizes that it is an issue AND KTM is recommends adding a after market exhaust and the Akro map to fix the problem

My experience to date with a FMF Q4 pipe and Akro map with 2% fuel added pretty much across the board is no more backfiring and no stalling except due to my crappy skills on the trail. Last night I had the bike out for a pretty good run off road, high temps and lots of rough areas that required some clutch play to pick your way through and had no issues.

There is definitely some work KTM needs to do with the tune on the 2012.
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