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Originally Posted by klaviator View Post
First, what bike to take. I'm undecided between a slightly bigger scooter or a small Adventure bike. I guess I'll take what I happen to have at the time.
Second, I need to figure out how to camp better as already mentioned.
Third. I need to get a smart phone or small laptop so I can update my ride report as I go.
OK, that's about it. For everyone who followed along, I hope you enjoyed my report. To everyone who participated by responding, thanks and I hope to see you all on the road some time in the future.
Hey K:
I've heard "dance with the one what brung ya"" I'm guessing whatever you have that goes when you twist the gas will work. I don't think there is a perfect bike. Enjoy what you have works for me!!

Camping, stealth or glamping is an acquired activity, you will find what works for you. Practice makes if not perfect at least better.

A laptop worked well for us, and allowed me to carry on business as required. Another of Scooterchick's great suggestions.

Oh and by the way. you can grow up without growing old. Never grow old, you're too much fun to hang with the way you are. Thanks again for taking us along, we really enjoyed the trip.....even meeting your relatives....haha

There is nothing better than to be happy, and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.
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