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What can I say about today. Sort of a total washout. God, I hate landloards! I'm cleanin, tryin to get outta there and he's goin "You missed a spot". Just gimmee my deposit dammit! So it turns out to be well after two in the afternoon before I hit the trail. So, I shoot abunch of vid riding thru the back twisties leavng town on my new drift camera and now I'm lookin at them and they're all hooped. All jerky and pixelating and the like. I try another shot in the room (I'm in a hotel now) and it turns out the same. I popped the memory card and reinserted it and formatted and noww it's running fine Doh! So, no pics tonight. Fresh start tomorrow and maybe, just maybe I can get some distance.
Oh ya, the bike? Waaay overloaded but I gotta say, this young Italian big breasted (have you seen the headlights on her?) whore (only because she's costing me a lot of money) just wants to haul ass!
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