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The New World I.4 – From Montreal to Toronto

It’s a little bit hard to part with our Montreal friends but a traveler must keep traveling and we miss riding Gunnar. So we load our bags. As we didn’t have time back home to test-fit all the “luggage”, we weren’t even sure how were we going to put everything on the motorcycle. In the end, we managed that, but then, after the first few meters, the only thought was “I took too much stuff. Again”. (sounds familiar?) This is a feeling that it seems I get at the beginning of every motorcycle trip.
Garage doors open and we are ready to roll

And we start rolling, me being careful on how Gunnar is handling with all the load, Andreea, with the GPS in her hands, being careful to navigate us towards Montreal outskirts .

“Make a right here!” … or not as there are road works on that street. We make our way towards West. Between Montreal and Toronto there are around 500 km. We are set to make it all the way in one day so we choose the Highway, which for a motorcyclist is not the most passionate ride. But it is OK for the first day. I have time to adjust with handling Gunnar, Andreea finds her best place in the back sit and both of us, find ourselves at the beginning of a new journey! Yeah! We rock!

Yes, maybe we rock but not as hard as others… As I am still getting used with riding in Canada, I do not want to go to fast. So the trucks are passing us promptly.
Not quite an American 18 wheeler but still, quite a sensation when one of these guys passes close by.
We go on, Gunnar’s engine humz steady, the road is clear, the day is beautiful and slowly the feeling that we are “on the road again” sinks in. I am sure all of you know this feeling, at the beginning when you’ve just started a long journey. And you just dare to wonder, where the road will take you…
But we cannot dream to long. New Continent, new country, new driving rules. So we pay attention! For example, in Canada the Highway speed limit is 100. And those are kilometers not miles! Yeap, just 100 and that’s that.
They are even kind enough to remind you what could be the consequences if you are too fast:

Mix the information in the picture above with the one in the picture below…

… and suddenly 100 km/h is just all the speed you need
Another odd thing for us, coming from Europe, is to see here campers trailing SUVs. In Europe you see SUVs trailing a small camper. Or a Camper having a bicycle or OK, maybe a motorcycle at the back. But this…

We found out that this is a common habit here. You drive your camper where you want to…camp, and then you use the jeep to move around to buy stuff or to explore. Makes sense. But still, so different than in Europe!

So, even though we were on the highway, the time passed fast for us and sooner than we thought we were in Toronto, where our hosts were George and Luiza.
Next time we visit Niagara. Stay tuned!
Written in Silver Maple Campground, somewhere on Trans Canadian Highway 17.
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