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The New World I.5 – Niagara

Dear friends, today’s update will be short. We’ve been, like all good tourists should, to visit Niagara Falls. Back in Romania, when we were planning, we were not sure if we should go or not. A “small” detour of 150+ kilometers to see a crowded place, packed with tourists? Not necessarily the first thing we would do. But all our friends from Canada told us that we should definitely go. And so, we did!
We reach the Niagara Falls (village?) and it’s like “in the movies”. Casinos, big commercials, lights everywhere… Nice! (I wonder how Las Vegas will be?)
OK, let’s look for parking. First one we find, $15/hour. No thank you. Next one, which is even further away from the falls, surprise, $20/hour. Nice. Lets see if we can find the one with $25/h? We move on and next parking was $5/hour. yey, we take it. Good. Full stop, and threading back walking to the falls.
Now, I realize that for all Americans and Canadians the site might not be so amazing. And to be honest we were also expecting NOT to be impressed. But, if you don’t take into consideration all the crowds, all the commercials, all the stands and “artificial” places, if you pass all that and manage to see the real thing, the falls, I think it is hard not to be impressed. We for sure were in owe with all the natural beauty.
Dear New World, two Romanians salute you!
Next, we will dodge the rain and finally head out to the “wild North”. Stay tuned!
Written from Chirstmas, Michigan, where our present from Santa was a wifi connection

... and that is it, now we are up to date. Tomorrow we will continue further North-West and back into Canada.
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