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Paint stripping and other tidbits

So last night I had a few hours to devote to the old girl and decided to get cracking on engine parts cleanup, in the hopes of making some serious progresse this weekend. The Pow-Roll top end off of the parts bike had been painted with some kind of heat resistant black paint and was pretty beat looking, so the first order of business was to apply paint stripper.


First Application of Stripper;

First rinsing;

After the first application, about 90 percent of the paint was gone, so I applied the rest of the stripper and especially down into all the little nooks and crannies. After second application and rinsing and then a thorough drying with compressed air, the parts were starting to look pretty decent. I coated all the steel parts (especially the cylinders) with a heavy coat of WD-40 and let them sit overnight. Before I left for work this morning I gave these same parts a good shot of spray carb cleaner, and hopefully that will loosen up forty years of grime.
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