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I have been at my local dealer today. Although we could not clarify the cause for the TPS sensor failure, he got some interesting news concerning the Akra mapping. In June, there has been distributed an official round mail from KTM to all dealers ( The title of the mail: "Akra Mapping for 690 EnduroR/SMCR 2012".

In this mail they write that the Akra mapping for slipon and the complete exhaust system is available in the download center. (Basically it is the Evo 1 mapping KM765EU12B0231 which they call herewith literally Akra mapping). Now comes the interesting point. They write that this Akra mapping should ONLY be used in combination with the open air filter cover and not just with the closed stock filter cover. They write (translated): "The mapping is not exclusively for the exhaust system!...It requires for the 2012 models the open air filter cover".

Obviously, KTM realized that the new 2012 models not just need the Akra mapping if you have an Akra without cat but you also need that surplus of oxygen intake via the open filter.

I got this open filter today and the machine pulls like hell.
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