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Hi all!

After weeks of...well, not really planning, but buying a shitload of unnecessary stuff and laying out tracks, I am finally ready to set of.

While originally I planned to go to Greece (dropped 'cause too hot) or Norway, I decided to roam more civilized areas instead. I only do ride for one year now and before, I have not been sittin' on anything two-wheeled for 12+ years. In the past 12 months, I did somewhat 30.000 miles, exploring Germany, Czechland, Saxony, Bavaria...
But the longest rides I took was something like 300 miles, thus, I thougt to myself: maybe 8.000 miles of Norway, were one can only ride 50 MPH may be a bit tough. And, oh yes, your ass hurts like fuck regulary. Do something about it!

So - this is my route:

Since I came home from work only 7 p.m. today, I intend to set of exactly 3:43 - the time of dawn here, tommorrow. The sun will go up in my back quite EPIC!
...And it might come in handy as well, since about all of Germany is driving into vacation TOMMORROW -.-

The trip will be flexible, but I though of 14 to 17 days. And I plan to take YOU along.
How is this me, BtW?

This is the trustworthy me:

Yeah. I indeed DO look like nothing can stop me, eh?
Well, maybe that my trustworthy steed is a bit of loaded:

But hey, one needs to be ATGATT, doesn't one? And this not only means: wear your nice helmet and leathers all the time. Be prepared for everything...except a new tire, maybe.

So, this will be from where I look upon the world in the coming days:

That's it. In short. Nothing more to show. You may go now.
WAIT! You may go now to come back tommorrow. I'll take the Ferry from Rotterdam to Hull. Let's see whether I have something to show until then....

Stay tuned!
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