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Yay! I did it!
Finally pushed myself into taking a dirt road!
After posting yesterdays RR in Ridgeway I was heading North to find a campground.
A couple of locals told me about Owl Creek campground down a dirt road.
After warring with myself about whether or not to go there I decided to bite the bullet and just do it! I figured if I get to a point of being comfortable on dirt roads by myself then I can actually camp for free and see some awesome sights.
I was lucky, the dirt road was pretty hard mostly. Some loose dirt and gravel but not bad.

The higher I got the windier it got though, and the road narrowed.
After about an hour and a half, maybe longer (went slow! about 20 mph) I was at the top of the pass

There was a site there that I could have put my tent for free, but it dawned on me that I had not remembered to buy more TP, humph! Of all the things to run out of.
So I decided to just go to one of the forest campsites along the road.
The sun was getting lower in the sky, and the coloring was magnificent!

I finally ended up at Beaver Creek campsite, and pitched my tent between the trees.
I had an awesome view behind my site.

That night it thundered accompanied with lightening of course! I guess cause I was so high up, it made the thunder so much louder, and the lightening filled my tent with so much light, it was as if a car had it's high beams on me.
I slept like a baby that night.

I took my time in the morning and made oatmeal for breakfast.
I had some sunflower seeds and gave them to a cute little visitor. :)

Left camp around 10, and rode another hour or so till I hit HWY50.
A few of these slowed me down occasionally.

I had been on this road not too long ago, but this time around it was sunny, and not black with impending rain. Couldn't take any pics anymore seeing as I had forgotten to charge my camera battery, and the usb charger just wouldn't work.
Hondo had suggested when I stayed at his place, to give Hayduke and Bonnie Azbug a call when I was near Salida, because they have a cottage available for AdvRiders. I called them and asked them if I could stay there and I could. Yay!
They are wonderful people and made me feel really welcome and at home, and their cottage is absolutely perfect!
Bonnie Azbug has a bead store where I saw some peace sign beads; time to make myself a nice keychain, haven't had any luck finding one with a peace sign.
So right now after having taken a wonderful shower, I am relaxing and typing up my report
I am not really a jewelry person, but yesterday at a viewpoint on the million dollar Hwy, a Navaho woman was selling some beaded jewelry she had made.
I could not resist the dreamcatcher necklace, which matched another beaded moon necklace a friend of mine gave me as a goodbye present.

I feel a bit like a Christmas tree with so much around my neck, but maybe that's why I slept like a baby last night :WoW><
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