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Originally Posted by rtwpaul View Post
i figure with 3 weeks i should be able to hit most everywhere, not the first to warn me about Gitmo a friend of mine was there and watched a guy get arrested just for talking to priest in that area!!!!

Besides Gitmo, everywhere else is accessible? where did you stay hotels or camp?
I think some rules might have changed a little since I was there in 2010/2011 and caused a little trouble.

I heard it is a little hard getting out to the Western most point without a guide now. They may be suspect of motorbike rider's at Che's memorial, they kicked me out thinking I was taking some pictures on the inside or something

I would inquire about an eco-tourism permit when you import the bike, I'm thinking you will be getting on and back on the ship in Cienfeugos since I caused all the stink in Santiago de Cuba so those customs may not know much about it.but I would ask anyway if you are wanting to camp. After my ordeal the officials in Santiago said to camp like I was you needed one of those said permits

I camped mostly but stayed with different people I met along the way. I stayed at one of the cheaper all inclusives for a little celebrating and drinking one night but really enjoyed camping on the island.

3 months would be better if you really want to ride the hell out of the place. I was there from Dec 18 to Jan 9 and could have used even more time. I drove to all the farthest cardinal points except the Eastern most and spent a lot of my time on the beautiful Western part in the Vinales area but didn't realize how much was on the much larger Western part. Also got hung up trying to get down to the Isle of Pines and spent some extra time doing so and ended up missing the ferry

Hopefully they will let you take your GPS with you, try and bring you a good paper map and I think I would load up some OSM or maybe even buy GPS travel maps Cuba, I heard it was done now.

One of the most interesting places I've ridden my motorbike.

BTW you might want to rethink that border crossing from Colombia to Venezuela that I saw on your map, that crossing down Puerto Paez is a complicated one with the aduana and immigartion, I would use Arauca, the next one up but below the main one at Cucuta. Arauca is mucho tranquillo and very nice riding around El Coyue in Colombia, might not be the safest thou to the South of there

Los Andes in Venezuela are quite nice as well, so much to see and so little time...

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