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Okay this is where it gets annoying... if I look at the diagram above, part number 7 refers to
07Spacer sleeve, interior


This is the parts diagram for the rear wheel on Max BMW. It shows 2 sleeves. I cannot find the smaller inner sleeve for the life of me so I don't know why they have it in the diagram.

Max BMW refers to it as
08 36 31 7 695 888 SPACER SLEEVE, INTERIOR0.25 1 $30.02

Same part number! But it looks different in both. One part has the flange, the other doesn't.

Also I can't for the life of me find part number 3 - The exterior spacer sleeve. So I have no idea where that has gone, I checked thoroughly to make sure no parts came out when I pulled the rear wheel off on the side of the road, so maybe it got chewed up and spat out.

The other thing that shat itself was the shaft seal, got chewed up in the mix. So that is this one.
04 07 11 9 906 005 SHAFT SEAL - AS30X47X70.02 1 $15.18

(Another point to note is that in the picture you have posted above, the part numbers for 4 and 16 are exactly the same yet they show them as drastically different sizes.

- Looks like I need to buy part 3, 4 and part 7 for starters. Not going anywhere without them, so whether or not I would need to buy the interior spacer sleeve is a moot point - might as well get it.


On to the next part. Slight damage to the wheel hub,

There has been some slight damage to the hub, but it seems to be mostly on the outside and I think I will still be able to get a shaft seal in there. There is some slight damage on the inside but it is just a slight couple of small gouges into the hub, you can see it in the top picture the best right near where the pinholes on the lock ring is.

If BMW are going to do this on my used bike warranty then I will hit them up for an entire new wheel. Otherwise I think it will be fine, may need to give the outside a gentle filing to get it back to flush.
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