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Originally Posted by Throttlemeister View Post

BTW you might want to rethink that border crossing from Colombia to Venezuela that I saw on your map, that crossing down Puerto Paez is a complicated one with the aduana and immigartion, I would use Arauca, the next one up but below the main one at Cucuta. Arauca is mucho tranquillo and very nice riding around El Coyue in Colombia, might not be the safest thou to the South of there

Furthermore, depending on the time of the year (rainy season), the stretch from Puerto Carreņo COL to Puerto Gaitan COL is not passable even in a well kitted out 4WD due to very long stretches being flooded.

If you do hit it during the dry season, it is a very nice road, secluded, with great vistas, lot's of off road riding (there are about 600 kms of mainly sand, gravel and mud) but you need to be totally self sufficient, because there are very few people to be found and no fuel.

This is not a normal border crossing. It is there, and it is used as a free transit zone between the small town of Puerto Paez VZ and medium city of Puerto Carreņo COL by a lot of people on a daily basis, but they just go back and forth without any paperwork, because they don't go further than the cities AND they don't cross with vehicles. VERY few people use this border if they are crossing in a more permanent way (like if they need their passport stamped) or even fewer if they cross with a vehicle (like maybe only one or two vehicles per year). The border crossing is complicated, especially if you "do not fumar espaņol" because it involves getting permission in Puerto Paez VZ (where the actual "legal" river border crossing is), then riding 70 kms to Puerto Ayacucho VZ, (where customs and immigration are), then riding back to Puerto Paez and after the authorities there are satisfied with the paperwork you brought from Puerto Ayacucho (which they might not, just because they are on a power trip... as is normal ), then you need to get in touch with one of the boat captains authorized to make the "international" crossing and negotiate a price.... It's not "hard" per-se, it just involves a LOT of patience, understanding how the local authorities' minds work and some luck... And IMO speaking decent Spanish is a must...

It DOES make for a very adventurous border crossing and route and if you end up deciding on taking it, I'll help you with all the details and tracks... just drop me a note. (As well as for any more info for Venezuelan and Colombian interesting roads, sights and any of the other border crossing details). Oh yeah, I've been known to drink a beer or two with fellow ADVRiders on occasion of them being in my neighborhood

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