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Originally Posted by djones745 View Post
Good luck tomorrow Andrew- see you there. I hydrated my ass off last night
But seriously- you think I could run my stock tank on my wr450 or leave the oversize one on?

90 min at 1/4 throttle for me
Stock tank will be just fine.

I've been quite hydrated this week as well. Been taking in over a gallon of water a day all week. I spoiled myself with one beer last night while starting to watch Game of Thrones.

Went for a leisurely bike ride with the wife this morning. Got my gear all ready to go, so I'm shooting for a positive finish tomorrow.

If you keep your bike at 1/4 throttle the entire race, you'll finish quite well. Average speed in your class is around 15mph, so 2nd gear + 1/4 throttle, and you'll be doing great!


PS - I've actually got planned a warm-up strategy for the morning. An hour before my race I'm planning to do some running\jogging and some other stuffs to get the muscles loosened up and whatnot. Then do some loops on their little oval on the side of the pits. Just wish it weren't gonna be 95+ while doing this.
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