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Still with that new bike smell.

I ordered a set of JT sprockets. I am not racing so I don't see the need to spend a ton on a wear item, or worry about the added weight of the steel sprocket, so for $60 I have a 17t front and a 45t rear sprocket. The stock setup for the 2012 990R is 16t front and 42t rear.

I installed the 45t rear and am keeping the 17t front in my pocket to impress the ladies.

I did not order a new chain since this one is not worn, but the fitment is very close. The chain adjuster blocks had to be rotated 180 degrees in order to bring the wheel forward enough to provide adequate slack. I do not think the stock length will allow for the addition of the 17t front, so my plan of slapping in the larger front sprocket for long hauls will have to be tabled until I swap out for a chain with more links.

For me the lower gearing provides more control at low speeds. Your results may vary. I come from a rockcrawling heritage and would rather pick away at technical stuff than point and shoot, but that is just my style.

I will provide more feedback on this ratio as I put more miles on. I have only done some two-up riding with my daughter as a passenger with the new ratio so far.

Here are a few shots of the bag mounting bolts

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