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I havent had internet in awhile, but have been doing a bit of writing.
But, I have been told that my writing is a bit like ex-lax. in small pieces, its just like chocolate, tasty and wont bother you too much.
In large doses tho, it can cause irritable bowel syndrome.

The next morning, we headed to Sakarya with Fern, for a bike festival.

So we are heading down the crowded motorway from Istanbul, and I notice Poly & Fern had pulled over. I stopped, but could not ride back to them, as the shoulder was only wide enough to pull over every once in a while. This was not one of those spots. Luckily, they had stopped at a wide breakdown area.
I got turned around (which wasn’t easy, as I had a 6 foot shoulder, an 8 foot bike, and a never ending row of speeding trucks in the outside lane) I got as close as I could to them, & walked back. Poly had broken a chain. That was weird, as the chain only had a couple thousand miles on it, & I checked it before we left, & all was good. I saw the chain in the road, but could not get to it because of the traffic. It was getting run over & flopping around under the wheels of the cars & trucks, so I figured it was pretty much fubar, anyhow. So I had to go find a chain. It took about 3 hours to find a bike shop about 30km away, it was a Honda dealer, who didn’t have a 520 chain, but a guy there called around & found me one, then he went to get it, had the mechanic cut it to 110 links, & I was all set. Of course we had to have some tea before I could head back. Haha
I got back, the girls were still where I had left them, put the new chain on, & off we went.
We got to the party about 10pm. Erol, who I had met a couple years ago had been waiting for us, & helped us get all set up, we camped with some guys from the Istanbul bike club.
Saturday was nice, weather was good, we were right on a lake out in the woods. Many people arrived, I think about 1500 total. Saturday they had the usual bike games, and a band played. Then for some reason they had a DJ that played this horrible techno music at a ridiculous volume until 2am. I haven’t figured that part out yet. No one we talked to liked it, and no one knew why they played it so loud & so late. It was hard to sleep! ( Mark from ‘fit ear’ ear plugs who I had met doing the IMS bike shows this past winter had made me a set of ear plugs, so it didn’t bother me as much. Poly was not so lucky)
The next morning we packed up & headed east. Fern was also going east, so she traveled with us for the day. It was nice for about an hour, then the rain started. It rained hard!
Another guy we met during the IMS shows, Paul, from British Motorcycle Gear / Belstaff had seen my old wore out jacket, & given me a new jacket & pants, & Poly a jacket. I have to say, that stuff works GREAT! We both stayed dry and warm. Thanks Paul!
We rode in the rain all day, & stopped right before dark, about 100km before Samsun.
It had been a rough day!

We stopped by the fancy Harley shop, as I wanted to get a spare set of rear brake pads, mine are getting a bit thin. But as they wanted 125 dollars for a set, I figured mine would last the rest of the trip ok!

and if you notice, there is a bank right above the HD stealership, They are willing to help finance a set of brake pads, or maybe even some chrome!

Then we had lunch at Popeyes. Damn I miss American food!

Poly, without her chain

Installing the new chain

I was really surprised, after the $125 brake pads, the chain was only about $40. and it’s the best Chinese quality! (I hope it makes it home!)
My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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