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Originally Posted by TrashCan View Post
Tell it like it is, Brother.

You should know, I think you have figured out how not to grow up. Of course, having one of the country's best play areas for big kids and their bikes in your back yard should make that easy.

Originally Posted by Scooterchick View Post
We just came back from buying a bunch of camping stuff. Settled on a Ozarka Trail 4 person tent with a full fly. We're going to set it up in our house first to see if we both fit comfortably in it before getting it all dirty and then trying to return it later. So, we will be sleeping in it tonight and I'm going to turn a large fan on it full blast to see how it does...haha.

We have NEVER done this before as we have only been on one trip so far. But, we are going to do a "practice" run too for our anniversary. Thinking about going to Whidbey Island and some other places. Also, being a Veteran, I can get a pass to all of the national parks for a discount.....

So, we are reading all of these reports with great interest and taking mental notes on what works for most in the way of gear and what doesn't. Still need to get a GPS for longer trips though or that "spot" thingee that we need to do more research on.

Really enjoying this report! Thanks for letting us come along.
I'm looking forward to seeing how camping works out for you in a future ride report. Thanks for following along.

Originally Posted by Forde View Post
right on man. any bike will carry you down a road. you are as capable of adventuring on a 50cc as a 1500cc.

plus the lower your bike and fuel bills, the more money you have left over and the further you can go!

your 250 is the perfect tour scoot imo, comfortable at speed limits but low fuel consumption. go any bigger and it would cost more to buy and run, go smaller and wouldnt cruise as comfortably.
My 250 was a great ride for this trip. I think there are two things required to make a bike a good touring bike:

A. It needs to get you where you want to go.
B. It needs to put a smile on your face while getting you there.

Other than that, nothing else is really all that important. Some of my favorite ride reports have been by people touring on bikes that many people consider "unsuitable". RTW Doug, nathanthepostman, and underboning come to mind. I am currently following a report from guy (Antihero) riding a Ducati Panignale across the country and he is even riding it off the pavement.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who has responded to my report. I have really enjoyed everyone's feedback.
I ride, Therefore I Am.

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