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Hey Andrew,

Hope you did well today! I bought some stuff from you back in '09 when we were in our BMW X-country phase

It was nice catching up via your post. I too am drawn to the outdoor racing scene like a moth to the flame, but I'm just getting started at 50. I took a bunch of lessons from Motovation MX school back in late '09 on a 2003 CR85RB and got my basics......Just enough to survive a novice practice session at your local MX park. Not long after I bought a RM-Z250 from one of my instructors and the fun begins.....I also bought a Husky 2 Stroke!

But my ride of choice is still the 4 stroke 250

After nearly dying (more than once) trying to start this beast in the heat after stalling and/or crashing, I too installed a Rekluse. It reduced my stalls and my lap times, but it's not perfect. Recently at Walden MX during my site lap, I managed to stall the bike on a HUGE downhill double and realized fro the first time that you CAN"T JUMP START A BIKE WITH AN AUTO CLUTCH.....Lol...But I'm keeping mine for now..

Here's a couple pics of me and my pit-girl 4th of July weekend.......

Here I make my pass through the rhythm Section! (Lying: About to be lapped)

This would have been my first race ever had I not tweaked both ankles after casing a huge (for me) double in practice. But...I plan on coming back and maybe even racing an entire series next year in the Over 40 C division...Because I totally wasn't the worst guy! LOL
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