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Originally Posted by Paladin7429 View Post
You're 60 years old, good shape. You are probably never going to ride over 100 mph or go on trails. You want
to ride dirt roads (20%) and pavement (80%). Would you get the new F700GS and some luggage or a used
F800GS that already has luggage and some options? Thanks for you thoughts.

I'm 54 y.o., first bike after 15 year hiatus (kids, mom pressure, etc.), I bought a F650GS Twin 13,000 miles ago. My rides fit your percentages very well. I have Jesse hard luggage. Went thru a year of periodic, self induced ego pain about not "manning" up and buying the 800. Over it now, and absolutely love my bike - don't want anything to do with anything bigger. Honestly, wouldn't change a thing. From what I read about the F700 changes - don't want them myself. Not negative changes, just not necessarily positive changes either. Get a 650 or 700 twin - you'll love either.
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