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Back on (or off) track.

Ok, so babies are almost all in bed, so I'll try and share a little more of the journey.

We left off here.

Or, more specifically, here:

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The switchbacks you can see mark the end of the Core Lodge Road. Or at least the part I would travel. It looks like you can follow it around back north and climb up Roman Mountain, but I had another idea.

It wasn't what I had planned (not that I had planned to even take this road at all) but it what I ended up doing sure seemed like a good idea at the time. You see, my not so trusty backroads mapbook indicated that after the first switchback one could catch the Five Cabin Creek trail which guessed it. And then from there, it looked like you could hit the Old Kinuseo Falls road, bringing you here:

This largely unknown drop on the Murray River is 197 feet tall. Yep, that's higher than Niagra.

So even though the sun was getting low and time was getting short, I decided to keep heading south.

It is quite a drop into the valley.

I'm not sure if there was a sign or anything, but I managed to find myself heading south on the Five Cabin Creek trail. No one had been down it yet this year, and as such, the washouts kept getting bigger.

And bigger.

I'm not making very good time anymore.

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