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Originally Posted by ktm950se View Post
Thanks for the update!
I believe my KTM 950 Super Enduro's stock battery is a YTZ14S, which is listed on Yuasa's website as dimensionally 6" x 3 7/16" x 4 3/8" (150mm x 87mm x 110mm).
So if I understand correctly, your 720 amp battery would be about an 3/4" taller than my stock battery, correct?
While I'm not near my bike right now, I'm not sure I have an additional 3/4" space above the stock battery to fit a taller one.
Am I missing something, or does your website not list a YTZ14 sized battery I could use instead?
Hi, you are correct your bike specs a YTZ14...and our YTX-24 (720 CCa) would be about a 3/4" taller as you said...

So you understand, there are 3 size YTZ case formats from Yuasa (lead/acid) the YTZ 12 and YTZ14 are EXACTLY the same in all dimension and only vary by .2 Ah (2 tenths Ah) and 20 Cranking Amps ( per the Yuasa specs)... so they are the same basically. Then there is the YTZ10...and it is about 3/4" shorter but other wise exactly the same just shorter. So we use THAT Case format (YTZ10) because it can become the exact same as the YTZ12/14 by putting a foam spacer on the bottom of a YTZ10 to raise the hieght (which is in the retail box). And since we could not fit the 16-Cell into the YTZ14 Case anyway we stayed with the smaller case and offer that in a 12-Cell format 360 Cranking Amps because people can use the shorter height if they want or put the foam to get the original hieght....

So these are the facts when putting an Antigravity YTZ10-12Cell in your Adventure. A 12-Cell battery will easily start you bike MORE times in a row than the Lead/Acid counterpart YTZ14 and be about 7 pound lighter... BUT if you have extra accessories such as heated grips, or GPS and this stuff can run even with the ignition off you will have LESS capacity for longer term small-amp drains (like the bike sitting in a garage for months.....because the Lithium has MORE starting power and the ability to express higher amp discharges much better than lead/acid... BUT it will not have as much CAPACITY for long term low-amp drain (parasitic drains) because lead is a much bigger battery physically. BUT if you did go to the larger size Antigravity then it will uttery crush the lead in all areas beacuase it will be a bigger battery more equal in size to the Lead but still be 50% lighter and have more CAPACITY and literally 3 times the power of the same physical sized Lead/Acid battery. It would flip the bike very fast and would have barely any voltage drop.

So to answer your question... You are correct the larger YTX12 Case format we use for our larger batteries is exactly the same in length and width to your YTZ14... but it is 3/4" taller... So it probably won't fit unless you see you have the 3/4" available. You could also try our Small Case 16-Cell but it would have to be laid on its side... Which is fine for lithium but it not as pretty as a direct fit.

If you have any other questions let me know.


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