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The New World I.6 – Leaving Toronto

On our return from Niagara Falls, we stop at a Romanian place, called “Campul Romanesc”. Here, a lot of Romanians living in Canada have been gathering for years, in special occasions.

When we got there, Romanian Cultural Week event was in its last day. There were Romanian food and music, Romanian paintings and poetry and a lot of smiles and encouragements for us. Visiting the people there was a nice experience. We believe that they should be more encouraged in such activities that help depict a positive image of Romania and our traditions.

Leaving Campul Romanesc, we have a nice surprise: our GPS is not powering up from the power slot installed on the bike. So it goes dead just as we were leaving the alley. So we are without directions, in a foreign small village away from Toronto. It is getting dark and we know only a street name where we need to go in Toronto. Cool. What one does in such situation? Well we asked for directions of course. So, several stops later, including a police car, we manage to find our way to the city. Also the light pollution helped quite a lot as we could see clearly on the sky the direction where the city was.
Finally, we made it to the center and from there to our neighborhood.
Next day we were determined to continue our journey, but, until we gathered all our stuff and prepared the sidecases and the bags, the weather outside changed into this:

Gerge told as we should stay for the downpour to end and if needed wait another day. How could you refuse such a generous offer, especially thinking that maybe soon enough, in Alaska, we will not have the option to stay inside when it might rain (it might, OK?)
Come Monday and this time we are going. The sky is blue, the bags are on the bike, and the GPS has juice for about 4 hours. So at least we should be able to get out of Toronto quick, heading to the North of Ontario Province.

The landscape chances rapidly from urban to rural.

We almost ran out of gas as we were used to the gas stations frequency from the Montreal-Toronto highway. But here, the situation was a little bit different. We take an exit and after some minutes (which seemed like an eternity) we found a small place which had what we so much needed for Gunnar.

We fill up and head out again. But unfortunately the weather chances again and we decide to head West towards the United States. Tomorrow we will cross the border, heading for Duluth Minnesota. But until then, we find a nice camping spot near one of the many lakes in the area.

First night spend in the tent on our trip. Sleep tight!
Distance from our last post: 423 kilometers
Total trip distance: 1208 kilometers
Written in Miami, with a view towards the train station.
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