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Originally Posted by SoulDreamRider View Post
Hey Feyala, wow! you're a lucid dreamer too, cool!
Most people I meet don't even know what it is. I rub my hands, or remind myself that I am lucid, so I don't fall back into a regular dream or wake up. Other than riding, Lucid dreaming is my life. Somehow I feel that I am meant to do more with it, that it is part of my life's purpose, but not sure how and why yet.
Haha, funny you met Alex and Jim. I hope to see them in a week at Westfest, but chances are they won't even make it.
Keep riding and be safe!
I've been super aware of my dreams, into meditation, energy work, and such since I was a kid, I was obsessed with that stuff then.

It's strange, I'm given a distinct "choice". I'm fully aware that I'm lucid, that I'm asleep and this is a dream, but that awareness is something that my brain won't allow. I'm not super excited or otherwise emotional (that can throw you out too), but if I stick with it, reminding myself that I'm lucid, I get kicked out. Some dreams are good enough that I want to continue, so I literally forget that I'm dreaming and go along as normal. Sometimes I dream that I'm lucid when I'm really not. It's an interesting mix. I need to get back into disciplined practice (writing dreams down every night) but my sleep is often disturbed, so even remembering them is difficult unless I am off camping by myself.

Your purpose will come to you in time. Or, well, if it doesn't, at least have fun with it. That's about where I'm at in life.

If you do see Alex and Jim, give them an obnoxious bearhug and say it was from Fey!

Good luck off road! Shiny side up!
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