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I'll give that a whirl. We haven't used too much coconut water in smoothies, but have in some other cooking\baking recipes. As things progress, I'll figure out what works. Thanks for the tip!

I'm not a fan of drinking straight coconut water\milk, but it does make some tasty ice cream.

Who doesn't love casing doubles? I didn't commit on a smaller double at a neighbors track. Resulted in the following:

Broken linkage & snapped the shock in half. And not sure if it was that, or catching my foot in a rut earlier that day, but I also had to get a giant syringe worth of blood pulled out of my knee. Oddly enough, the doc told me my knees looked in great shape.

I've been getting used to the heat now. And just like always, I'll get used to the heat & 2 weeks later, Illinois will get all crazy weather and it'll start snowing or something. I could really go for some 65 & light drizzle riding right now though.

I'm a bit torn right now on getting a new bike. Mostly cause I hate to lose money on the Husky, and I surely would. And besides that, I really enjoy riding it. The thing has good power, feels good in the woods (though I need to do some work on the rear shock), and is overall a good bike...but apparently problematic. My wife has informed me she'd pick me up a new bike when she graduates from nursing school next August, so I've been tossing around the idea of a new GasGas. I know, I know....just get a KTM. I just can't do it. That and the new GasGas bikes just look wicked, and if they're anywhere near how my GasGas trials bike'd have to handle like a champ.

Time to get some work done. I ordered up the wrong belt to fix one of our machines here at our shop. Let's hope I can find one locally. Happy Mondays.

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