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07.22 Sevastopol / Novorossiysk - The longest day: 8.30 am to 6 am

The hotel was there just at the outside of a small village:

I left the hotel alone around 8.30. A few kilometers after Sevastopol, this guy was on the side of the road, so I stopped and help him with some tools:

By 4pm I was at Kerch for the ferry. This time I didn't took the coastal road by went by Simferopol. Few time after my arrival my friends from Novorossiysk arrive also at the fery gate but we have to wait until 1am before boarding with the others bike.

Only one Ural in the ferry:

With 5 bikes from Novorossiysk we ride together home, by 6am the Ural was in the garage.

The distance is about 500km but it was for all of us a very very long day. We all left Sevastopol in the morning and reach home the next day. For me 8.30 the 22nd and 6am the 23rd so almost a 24h ride...

On the russian side the custom officer told me that I have the "best bike" tonight.
When crossing Novo, there was an "early morning" mobile check point in the center and one of the policeman wave us

Not the longest ride, especially for a full week, but I met some very nice people like Doug&Polly and was able to shake the hand of a man who shaked the hand of Mr. Cob :lol:
Of course I will have liked to show up the Retro but due to the condition, very hot weather and a lot of dust at the Show territory I didn't regret one minute to have done this ride with the Gear Up.
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