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I tried the Raincoat on my Shoei RF1000 shield. After trying many different ways to apply, I could never get it to work very well, and when it did work, it was only temporary. I was envisioning something like what Rain X does on my auto glass, but while it worked better than an untreated shield, it just didn't seem to like my particular shield very well. Gene was very nice and offered me free kits, but since I think it is my shield that is the issue, I declined his generous offer. Right now I am using spray beeswax on my visor exterior and also as a polish for my bike. It works like the great Honda cleaner, but lasts much longer.
At the cost, the Raincoat is definitely worth a try, and if it works on your shield you are golden.
I have not tried the Fogtech, as the Clarity Defog I have been using works well on my visor. I did try the spray beeswax thinking how convenient it would be to use just one product inside and out, but it doesn't work for antifogging worth a damn. Again, based upon the many positive reviews, I would try the Fogtech if you have not discovered something that works for you. As a company, I think Motosolutions stands behind their products, and Gene seems like he really cares about customer service.
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