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My wife and I have used both the Fogtech and the Raincoat products with great success. There is a distinct difference in the effectiveness and longevity of the bulk products as opposed to the individual packets. The individual packets were very effective for quite awhile and are a different formulation than the bulk spray products. We first tried the Fogtech last year when passing through Red Lodge Montana on the way over the Beartooth Pass. It was 80 degrees and clear in Red Lodge, but we could see weather moving in over the mountains. We pulled the bikes over to suit up and opened a packet of Fogtech and applied to the insides of both our shields. Within 40 minutes of leaving Red Lodge we ran into high winds, rain, sleet, hail, snow, and freezing temperatures. The Fogtech kept our visors clear in very difficult and dangerous conditions. Although unexpected, the one initial treatment kept working for several weeks. I would highly recommend the Fogtech individual packets.

We have recently started started using the Raincoat individual packets so I don't have as much experience with this product but it has worked extremely well on the few occasions we have been caught out in the rain recently. With our limited experience using this product it seems as though an application of this product is going to last considerably longer and work better than other products I have tried.

After trying each of the products on both the bulk spray dispensers and the packets I would highly recommend sticking with the packets, they are definitely more effective and last much, much longer per application.

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