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Potski said: I have a liking for Guzzis myself, in particular the Stelvio, so looking forward to seeing how you both get on and how she handles the big ride.
I'll get back to talking about her soon enough.

Betitolara said: I'm in! looking forward to following you along Mr. Toadride
Sorry I missed you both at the Six Mile that time. Your ride was epic and totally enjoyable.

But now, time to catch up.
My slo start finally got me on the ferry, sheepishly surrounded by thundering hogs.

Landing in Horseshoe Bay had me being chased by them halfway to Whistler. But their absurd loudness is just only that and my young gal just walked away from them.
Pushed on past Whistler because I was really trying to make some time but stopped for a bite in Pemberbush and thought I call my old friend and roomate Jeff to say hi and by. Turns out he was just about to leave for his cottage on Loon Lake and I got invited along. Bout a three hour tour so I just took my time rambling up the Duffy Lake to Lillooet and beyond. Took a pic at the same spot I took one of my new Bandit a good six years ago.

Anyhoo, if your wondering what happened to me, it was Jeff's fault. Completely off the grid, his cottage, not without creature comforts but mosdef a little piece of heaven.

Lost there for two days and lovin it. Here's my good bud Jeff

Getting out of there Sunday afternoon I headed up the road towards Green Lake to take the scenic route east from there. But Zeus had other plans. As I drove towards Green Lake, the ugliest, blackest cloud mass I believe I have ever seen was slowly working its way towards me. And the big guy was even startin to throw thunderbolts at me. Right on the very edge of all Hell was Quasimodo's place. Well, you know. Sanctuary. In the form of the Little Horse Resort. Complete with rustic cabins at $70.

And as the deluge began 10 minutes later, I was happy to pay.
And the little horse? He's there.

Now I don't know who won that battle that night but it was a rip snorter. And what a deluge. Went on and on thru the night. Even knocked out the power for most of the night. Which is also why I couldn't communicate. Couldn't even get all my devices charged back up.
Prepared for the worst the next day and fully decked out in the rain attire I headed out for Kamloops. Dark clouds but it didn't come down. So now I'm holed up in a fleabag with Wifi and am bringin all systems back online, Capn. The sun's gonna break tomorrow. I just know it and they said so, dammit!
I will be headed up and around on Paul Lake road and then intend to ride around Sushawp lake because I heard it on good authority here that it's a great ride.
From there I'll be working my way to Revelstoke and then down towards Nakusp looking for good camping along the way. This is the area I hope to come back to next year and find that perfect acre of land (on the lake?) to rebuild on. I'll have my eyes open on this leg. Plenty of time till Friday and BUBBA'S!

Ya Baby!!!
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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