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The same thing happened to me... Hot weather, constant highway speeds. Stopped, opened gas cap, extreme pressure. Relived pressure, bike stalled at stop sign, continued ride with no other problems. I do remember the service guy telling me if my bike ever died randomly and had pressure then I should bring it it in because something was up. I honestly don't remember what though, but was something with the fuel delivery system.. I didn't take it in, because I honestly haven't had time and the bike has been running well. It was about 115 outside the day it died.

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I had an issue with my bike this past weekend.

While riding at highway speeds I was not having any issues but as soon as I stopped for a light or considerable slowed down to make a corner the bike would sputter and then die. I would hit the starter button and it would restart and I would go again. This was happening at every light and stop sign and then it started to take a couple and then a few hits of the starter button to get it going until it would not start. I would say I had 25 plus miles like this until it would not start ( I was going from Sedona AZ to Jerome). It finally would not start at the top of a mountain heading to Prescott at about 7200 feet in elevation. I figured it had something to do with the fuel delivery system, I had already experienced a clogged fuel injector from bad gas which was replaced in warranty. I opened the gas cap and fuel shot up, like a guesser, about 2 feet, about a half liter or so. The tank had built up a tremendous amount of pressure. I listened and either the fuel was boiling or air was causing a bubbling sound coming from the fuel tank. I waited a half hour and it started up. I rode with the gas cap slightly opened (not locked in) as I did not want to build up the pressure again. I continued to have the bike cut out on me when I stopped for the next 50 miles but at some point it cleared up and I was able to close the cap and it ran normally the rest of the way home.

To me the tank did not seem like it was venting properly. What do you guys think it could be? Clogged line, air in something, or the dreaded charcoal canister. It is a 2009 with 16,000 miles.

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