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Originally Posted by aiMhi View Post
Looking saweet man You did a great job on the dash and putting both your bikes together.

Your end result is exactly as you described it when we talked

I need to scope out the Skene and M60 options you put on there.

Ride On Brother!!

thanks for the compliment

i've got close to 500 miles on the pig since last week & i'm totally satisfied with you're fairing

i'm running two dimmers on the front led's ( man, them suckers is bright ) with the Kisan P115W headlight modulator & let me tell you, people SEE you with this setup, i've had cars literally change lanes & let me pass while running the modulator, i have them on both bikes & wouldn't ride without them

& on the ass end i put the Skene P3 tail light / brake light / turn signal lighting system & it totally lights it up when i hit the brakes

definitely do check them both out


might be interested in the rack that you're running, ( with a couple of mods of course ) if i could talk ya into whipping one out

pm me if you'd be interested
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