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Originally Posted by NorCal Dog View Post
thanks for the compliment

i've got close to 500 miles on the pig since last week & i'm totally satisfied with you're fairing

i'm running two dimmers on the front led's ( man, them suckers is bright ) with the Kisan P115W headlight modulator & let me tell you, people SEE you with this setup, i've had cars literally change lanes & let me pass while running the modulator, i have them on both bikes & wouldn't ride without them

& on the ass end i put the Skene P3 tail light / brake light / turn signal lighting system & it totally lights it up when i hit the brakes

definitely do check them both out


might be interested in the rack that you're running, ( with a couple of mods of course ) if i could talk ya into whipping one out

pm me if you'd be interested

The rack - that is a tough one my friend, at least my "Arachna Rack" which is not a simple little 4 bolt hookup rack.
Basically there is two parts to it and it is a one-off. I built my own steel subframe to replace the aluminium POS and then I built the rack. This bike in particular have around 18 connection points if I recall correctly (other things connect to the rack) and it is not simmetrical. I recommend to check out the Globetrottin Rack but thanks for asking:
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