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The New World I.7 Time for Chirstmas, in the United States

Thank you guys for the nice words. Our "motto" for this ride is "Safe travels. Beautiful world". So we do hope to enjoy all the extraordinary things Americas have to offer, all in a safe and positive manner.
You could check more details about our trip on our website, and the most up-to-date info about where we are now should be on FB

And of course, we will try and keep this thread alive with the "stories+pics". Unfortunately we are a little bit behind with the story but I am trying to catch up.'s the next one:

The camping site where we’ve spent our last night did not had internet. But it did had a nice view to the lake, lot’s of trees and, electricity coming out of some of them So, here you go, a nice way to have “green” energy:
Joke aside, I’ve heard though that Canada produces one of the cleanest energy in the world (a lot of hydro).
Being our first night camping, we found out in the morning how long it will take us to gather all things up. The answer: too long! Close to two hourse to pack everything and be ready to roll. But it was only the first night. We should be able to decrease this time…
So, of we go. Back on the main highway, and post signs start to pass by, nothing special. Road signs, comercials to this or to that, speed limits, don’t feed the bears sign, speed limit sign, next exit… Whhaaat? Rewind a little bit! What was that sign before? We do not need to turn around, the French version comes right away by us. Sounds more “poetic” in French, but still, the message is the same.
And speaking of food here, things seem to get “to the point” . The next shop was advertising the essentials: Food for you, food for your vehicle. That’s it. Take it and move on.

Today we will try and cross into the United States. Which, for two nice and honest people, with valid visas, shouldn’t be a problem.
Waiting in line at the border crossing, Andreea takes the above foto. A guy in a pickup truck with Ontario license plate, tells us “you might want to put the camera away. They don’t like them too much”. OK… bye bye pictures with the customs officer (joking of course)
We end up waiting in the slowest queue and already have all kind of ideas about our agent and wondering what are the chances of “special checks”. And we do have to go inside for extra paperwork indeed but all goes OK. Typical questions about who we are, what are we doing there, where do we work (this time Andreea is much better )
Seems our answers (and our fingerprints…) are OK as we get to stamps in the passport and off you go, welcome to the “promise(d) land”.
And we are full speed in Minnesota. Firt funny thing: trying to determine if we are overspeeding or not. My speedometer is only in kilometers/hour (European style), and of course, all the road signs in the USA use imperial/miles system. To make matters even more interesting, as all VStrom users know, our speedometer is off by even a much as 10 km/h. So good luck with the “translations”. But not like there isn’t time for all the maths you would want. The road that we are on is like this:
So, for an European, the first amazing thing is how straight the road can be.
The second amazing thing is how many kilometers (sorry, miles0 of it (road) can be in such a way. Andreeas look says it all…
But, just in case you want some more, here you go, another one:
Even this kind of roads are nice though. You don’t have to accelerate, decelerate, chance gears or anything else. There is time for thoughts, while the engine hums constantly beneath you. It is a different kind of beauty. The one that maybe advocates more for a cruiser. But we go on with what we have.
When we reach the Southern shores of Lake Superior, with their twists and bends, it feels like Christmas. And, soon enough, what do you think? it WAS Christmas!
Would you pass the opportunity to stay in such a place, with a beautiful lake close by and gourges landscape? We sure didn’t want to. So the riding day ended for us with Chirstmas feelings!
Written in a Manitoba farm, having by my side the map of Alaska. We are still so far away…
Distance covered since the last post: 466 kilometers
Total distance : 1674 kilometers
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