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Originally Posted by Tbone View Post
Glad you found it. I usually just buy new cables when mine starts to get tight for that reason.

Concerning the new bike, It just reduces the amount of things that can go wrong, but doesn't eliminate it from happening. I was racing a 2000 model ktm300 2 years ago when I got the chance to race a 2009 300. I decided 2 miles in that I'd never race my old bike again...the newer bike was so much better and I worked so much less to go fast.
Yesterday I only had ordered a throttle cable & tube. I figured since Halls Cycles wasn't open monday, I'd tack on a clutch cable as well. Don't need to see how far\long I can ride with no clutch in a race. Rather spend the 30$ now on that, then be SOL in another race.

I'm also ordering up some fresh fork seals, oil, and rear shock oil as well. I'm going to revalve the rear shock in hopes to improve it's overall performance. I'll be stealing some of what Luke had posted up. His suggestions for the fork were spot on & I always felt confident & planted on the front end. I also didn't get the jarring feel I normally used to get in my upper body. Lower body now is another story, so I feel the rear needs some lovin'.

New boots will be on order as well. I've always loved Alpinestar, as their Trials Boots & Road Race boots were awesome. Unfortunately their Tech 8's I've had for the past year and a half.....well annoy the snot outa me. It's time to change. The inner booty is 1 full size too small for my feet (yeah, thats comfy putting on before a race), and the arch on the sole of the boot is completely worn out. I don't have oodles of dollars to toss at super big $$ boots, but I want something good, so I'm going Italian & picking up some Gaerne GX-1 boots. My buddy has some G10 or whatever and likes them, so I'll see how these are. If they last 2 years, I'll be a happy camper.

On the new bike thing....I'll be addressing that next year for a couple reason. 1. Money. I've got too much invested right now in the Husky to personalize it to myself, that I hate to lose my rear on another bike. 2. I vowed to never change bikes mid-season again. Yeah, I'll keep a backup bike (mighty XR), but won't make a straight up change. 3. I need to test ride a GasGas. I'm very drawn to them (maybe its the Black & Red colors?) Only real concern is that they are slightly more "oddball" than the Husky. Though I honestly don't need\want all sorts of aftermarket doodads that are more readily available for bikes like KTM & Yamaha & such. 4. I'm HOPING that with the newer\stricter EU emissions standards for 2014 MY Bikes, that we will begin seeing some Direct Injection or Fuel Injection 2-strokes. I know some like that, and some don't, and I won't bother getting into a this vs that thing, but yeah, I'd like to see if anything comes out in that form.

Time to finish putting together my order for parts & goodies. AKA - Empty the wallet.

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