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Outstanding ride report through some unbelievable country! I am so jealous... Here in Virginia you can't get more than a mile from someone's house or farm; no matter how "remote" the area, there's someone living just over the hill/around the bend. It's beautiful country but over-run with people; I guess the Winters aren't harsh enough. I lived in Wyoming for many years and loved the emptiness and solitude, but even that was nothing like what you've experienced.

On one such turn. I found the Grizzly I was looking for.

It was a young feller, probably a 2 or 3 year old male, and he was standing right beside the road. Yep, standing. I almost got a picture of him peering at me over the brush on his hind feet from about 8 feet, but I was a fraction of a second too slow.

Too bad. It would have been a good one.

I got such a photo once from the seat of my bike; it made a great shot but in hindsight was actually a pretty stupid thing for me to do. Could have worked out very differently... I love bears, respect them immensely, but don't trust them, especially grizzlies.

So jealous... Living vicariously

BTW, how cool that your wife supports your adventures, even with little kids! She's a keeper.


P.S. Can you comment on how your WR250R is holding up?? I've owned a lot of smaller displacement bikes in my life (KLR250, XT225, XT250, DR250, etc.) and they were great little bikes overall, but I don't think any of them could have been loaded up like your WR and taken over the long hauls and rough country like you've done and they were all pretty gutless, especially at altitude. I've also had several 650s (DR and KLR) and loved them for adventure travelling, but they are too heavy and underpowered for the kind of stuff you're doing. I've got an 1150GS that is a phenomenal bike for 90% of what you've ridden, but the Big Pig would never get a chance to see the deeper stix that you've been to on the WR. I've been shopping for a more dirt-oriented bike to add to the stable and have been looking at 450-class stuff, including the WR450F and equivalent Kawasaki, Honda, and KTM offerrings. Those are great bikes, but again taller and heavier than the 250-class. Are you happy with the performance, gas mileage, load capacity, maintenance, etc. of your WR?? Thanks for any comments you may have - I know you're stressed for time! Congrats on a gorgeous family.

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