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Spent a couple of days on Cottonwood pass road.

I'm getting a little more comfortable on dirt roads, and am glad I am, cause I found the coolest free in the middle of nowhere camping spot.
Fear definitely makes you miss out on life! It took getting over, or at least trying to get over, fear of dirt roads to be able to finally have the adventure on the road that I imagined. I still get petrified when seeing deep loose sand or gravel, but now at least I talk myself through it. "Stand up, grip bike with knees, hands loosely on handlebars, don't grip them tight!

I hung out an relaxed for a couple of days. Think I am going to mount a water bottle holder on the back of each of my Pelicans so I can hang out in the middle of nowhere longer.

Lounging in my epic Hammock, facing the mountains and dozing. :)

Made a shy friend while I was there.

Also woke up in the middle of the night and it sounded like an animal was tugging on something in the vestibule of my tent.
When I woke up in the morning my boots were halfway out of my tent and had been gnawed on!
Then as I hun in my hammock later on that day, I saw a chipmunk trying to take off with my toothbrush! I ended up chasing him to get my brush back, he dropped it and skipped away. I tell ya! Wild animals! LOL
As I turned around to walk back to my hammock, I noticed that something had gnawed through the tent cord as well. Hmmph!

Left this morning, and rode a few more miles of lose and packed gravely dirt to Butte Creek to get online.

Heading for Kebler pass in a few and then direction Aspen and Lake George.
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