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quick update

Hey everyone,

I want to thank you all for all the support, it really did give me that extra push to just keep plugging away at the TAT!

It is official, I have completed the Trans American Trail

I'm currently in Emigrant Montana visiting my sister, It's been nice having a couple days to relax. Today we went to Yellowstone early this morning in search of wolves and bears. We say a pack of 5 wolves that we got to watch for a good 20 minutes and 3 black bears. this afternoon we went tubing down the yellow stone river. Good times.

I'm also getting some much needed repairs done on the bike, things have yet to change in that aspect. The oil leak was caused by a shot counter shaft seal. My bike is covered in oil...luggge, rear tire, brake and everything else on the back half of the bike. I'm also replacing the front brake pads, front tire and the CLUTCH the clutch started to slip in Colorado, I thought it was just bogging down from the altitude, but it has since become way worse, any sort of up hill and I'm lucky to do 45mph.

Sorry about the lack of photos. I will post them along with rest of my adventure on the TAT when i get home.

I'm carrying the spare, I didn't fall off

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