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The New World I.8 – Duluth and beyond

We leave behind the Christmas admosphere and we continue Westwards, following the lake shores. We find launch place for boats and we take the opportunity to get closer to the waters
From the picture one cannot really tell how big is Lake Superior but it is huge! We were riding along its Southern shores for 2 days now.
Walking the catwalk!

With us, white clouds are traveling.
In Duluth we were expected by Sandy and Ron, two americans, now retired, who live in a small and very nice house, together with a cat named Kitty and humming birds at the windows. Kitty would sure like to get its paws on the birds but it sure would be a hard job catching them. So better to relax and check the new comers.
Sandy has been to Romania multiple times (that’s how we’ve come to know her, via a common friend – thanks Alina!) and she says she loves our country. Knowing that we are coming she even prepared a Romanian dish, “ciorba”. Again we feel like home, even though so far away from it. Listen to Sandy speaking about Romania, about her travels and her plans, I wish I could record her and send the CD back home. Sandy and Ron, even if they are over 60, retired and having grand-grand children, could be for us, the younger ones, a very good example of optimism and joyful life.
So we decide to stay one more day in Duluth and check out the city. Duluth is a big port, one of the furthest from the ocean. Iron ore, coal, grains, corn and all other types of items are brought here by train from all over mainland USA and Canada. Then they are loaded on ships using modern docks and they are ready to be sent by sea all over the World. Now that’s global trading.
But our hosts made sure we will see other parts of the city, rather less industrial.
The Airlift bridge, said to be only two of the kind in the world (the other one is in France)
Japanese garden on the top of the hill:
The lake waters, just good for a bath:
The empty gold beach:
After one day of rest and relaxation it was time to move on. Not before having the picture in our national costumes and Lake Superior.
If at Niagra Falls we were for sure blending in with all the colorful tourists, this time, I think we were quite a site for the drivers passing by!
Eh, but until Canada there is still a lot of ground to be covered. The road is long and yeah, you’ve guessed it! straight.
It is a distinct feeling when you stop at a junction like this. No sings, no markings, no telegraph posts. You cut the power and the engine becomes silent. As long as your eyes can see, there are only crops. In the heat of the sun, only the crickets are making noise, down in the grass. Seems like the hole blue sky is descending on Earth.
Not much time for poetry though. Time to move on. Straight on! (I think I’ll never get tired of these jokes)
Andreea was already sound asleep in the back and given the “trafic conditions” above, I allowed her to sleep. To pass the time, I started to pay attention to the odometer to see just how long can I go without using the steering. The answer? 62 kilometers. That’s not to bad. For curiosity I’ve searched where is the longest straight road in the world. Seems that Saudi Arabia has it with more than 260 km of “inline” tarmac. And not only there are no curves there is also no elevation change. So at night you could see the incoming traffic from miles away. Another candidate is just in the neighbor state, North Dakota. Highway 46 with 123 miles of “rightness”. So compared to those roads, I was a happy “slalom-er “
And not too long, another attraction comes by:
Uuuh we got to stop and see the biggest river in North America. Well, Tom Sawyers waters looked like this:
You wouldn’t say much about these small waters. But, by the time Mississippi reaches the Golf of Mexico some 4000+ kilometers to the South, it becomes the 4th longest river in the world and 10th largest.
We go on to another border crossing, this time without any pictures. Things went smooth enough (for 2 Europeans) and not long after we were set free to roam in Canada again.
But as evening was approaching we weren’t planning for much roaming during that day. So we started looking for a campground. And then, out of the sudden we found this place:
Well as we’ve been already in Christmas we took it as a good sign to stay for the night also in… Miami. Andreea was already preparing for the beach.
But as hard as we’ve looked for the ocean, we could not find it We found instead a nice campground (and cheap! 5$ for tent, clean showers, electricity and water)
We leave you with some nice images of Miami, Manitoba, Canada.
“End of the line” for the day!
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