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I know it is sidetracking but first edition Varadero (a really old bike) will out accelerate any of those 0 to 60. So what? Does it matter?
Vast majority of bikes will do 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. May be 800XC too. One twitch or sleek tarmac path and this 0.X seconds differences are gone and pointless in real life.
All of them fast enough, some have more some less exciting (psychologically) power delivery.
Sutenere power delivery is not exciting. But it is linear and there is lot of it. It may feel gutless but it's not. Nor Tiger. They are rather different category thou. Race Sutenere against Explorer if you want to be fair. 0 to 60 rather pointless just as well as roll on difference of 0.2 seconds.

I think this tread kinda over on original subject.
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