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Vacation Over Back to Some Riding and Stuff

Well, since my return from our family vacation to Canada and Alaska, I've been busier than two dogs fight'in over a month old pork roast. But . . . I've managed to get a little riding scheduled on the docket. So, here's a few rides I've been able to get in. By the way, I realized I hate work and love fun!

7/16/12. First up, Sscooter's (Forum member) TW geocache, Jackson Pk L.O. and Banner Mine area jaunt. Primary mission on this ride was to finally make it to the cache Sscooter planted a year or two ago on the road to Jackson Peak Lookout. He made it a TW friendly cache as you will see. However, I did get more exploring done on this ride other than the cache. Sscooter's name for the cache is "Great Views". I agree!

Here's a visual for the day's ride

Made it to the cache. Sscooter probably couldn't wait for a TW'er too show up, so he finally published the cache in May on Geocaching dot com. I'm never one to race to be the FTF (first to find) to a cache, but when I loaded the data to my GPS, no one had logged it yet. So there's a possibility I'll be the first. No such luck though, two cacher's had been there before me. One three days and the second just the day before me. I placed a "travel bug" (stuffed animal) that I brought back from Alaska in the cache.

Photo of my riding pard' as viewed from the cache. Sometimes I wonder what she's thinking when she's looking at me like this?

Georgie enjoying a refreshing beverage, where we parked for this cache.

Then headed for the cache near Jackson Peak L.O. When I arrived at the lookout, the friendly lady manning the L.O. said she was glad I stopped by, but that I may want to leave soon as a thunderstorm was rapidly approaching. She said I could come back any time, but didn't want to see me get struck by lightening. I took her advice, chatted for a couple of minutes, then departed without looking for the cache.

Here's a view of Jackson Peak L.O. from a distance. You'll notice a diagonal line on the face of the hillside below the lookout. This is not the access road, but a road leading to a water spring the lookouts use for their water supply.

Naturally, I had to explore it. Here is the TW at the turn around near the springs. Would make for a good camp spot.

On the way from Jackson Pk L.O. to Banner Mine area, I did manage to find another cache located near a snow measuring station. The approaching T-storm was getting closer and started to rain, so I high tailed it out of this area and headed for lower elevation.

Finally made it to Banner Mine. I've briefly stopped here before several years ago, but spent a little more time here on this trip. Here's an old cabin along side the road leading to the mine area.

Some of the mine area is posted "No Trespassing", but I did manage to spot some ore car tracks leading from a collapsed mine entrance, to near the road. Kind of cool.

Been riding in a light rain for a while (avoided the t-storms), but before I tired of taking pictures, I did get a couple near the "366" cache. At first I wondered why the name "366", but now I get it. After riding a couple miles, I came to a gate marked with "366" the Forest Service road number near the cache. Da, thus the name.

Georgie keeping "lookout" while I log the cache. I hope she barks if she see's a bear or wolf! Hopefully early enough for me to get the heck outta there!

TW parked near the 366 cache. After this stop, I pretty much just leisurely headed back to the truck to load up and head home.

7/21/12. Hitt Mountain Ski Area (abandoned). The Finance Minister (wife) and I were able to successfully negotiate with the central bank to fund a "new to us" camper. We decided to take the camper out for a "shakedown voyage". Well, I can't go camping without taking the TW along, and I still had 1 vacation day remaining after our Canada/Alaska trip, so why not use it!

We've been wanting to return to explore this area more since a brief drive through in the pickup earlier this year. Couple years ago, while doing some map research of the area, I discovered a ski area listed. I had never heard of this ski area before and after doing some checking, found it went out of business some years before. So with my curiosity perked, off we went.

Hitt Mtn Ski area was a small ski area located west of Cambridge, Idaho, near Sturgill Lookout and Hitt Mtn. The ski area is actually closer to Sturgill Peak than it is to Hitt Mtn. Almost to the ski area, we find the remnants of the old ski area sign.

What a better spot to park the camper than on the old ski lodge building cement slab. Good level spot.

Here's a ground level photo of one of the old ski runs.

From what research I could find on-line of the Hitt Mtn Ski area, it operated from about 1969/70 to 1985. It had 1 T-bar (lift) and the ski lodge building. I'm still looking for old photos of the ski area, but can't find any on-line. I'll need to visit the local library or something to find some. Here's a goggle earth view of the ski area.

After off-loading the TW and ATV, setting up camp, (thankfully now done much quicker and with a lot less work involved), the finance minister, georgie and myself headed out for a day full of riding adventure. Here's a visual of our days excursion.

We begin our loop ride through the ski area up to the Tool Cache Summit. I'm still wondering where or if there is actually a Tool Cache in the area. I'm guessing if there is/was a Tool cache, it was used for fighting fires. Just a guess on my part as I've seen some other tool caches for fighting fires before.

We travel on some nice F.S. roads before finding ourselves at Benton Saddle, or at least I think we're at Benton Saddle. There seems to be a lack of signs and you have to use your best judgement on where you are and where your going!!!

Nice view from Benton Saddle looking to the S.E. sort of towards part of Hell's Canyon.

We must wait our turn! We can see an ATV coming down the road (trail). As it is so steep, we'll wait for them. As it turned out, I did stall the TW going up the steep first part of this trail and had to "clutch walk" the TW about 10-15 feet before I was able to resume riding. I think my clutch needs a band aide! Poor clutch, I abused it!

On up the "trail", is Sturgill Peak Lookout. We've been here before, but not from this direction. Let me warn anyone wishing to go here, it is much easier getting to the lookout using the main forest service road than it is this trail. It looks like a road, at times, but it is very very steep. Here's a photo of the lookout from about a mile away. Easy riding from this point on(ish).

Here's another photo of the lookout when we got closer. Since we've been here before, we didn't stop, just waved and let the lookouts (husband/wife team) enjoy their privacy.

Here's the finance minister enjoying the trail after departing the lookout heading towards Hitt Mtn, which is east of Sturgill Pk.

A view of Hitt Mtn on the ridge trail between Hitt and Sturgill.

Finance Minister and Georgie enjoying the trail as we dropped off the Sturgill/Hitt trail and started working our way back to camp.

Thought this looked like a cool view on our decent back to camp.

It was a long, hot and dusty ride, so we took a little time and cooled off by a creek. Warning: don't drink the water, lots of cows in the area!

When we arrive back at camp, Georgie finds a good perch to guard our camp against unwanted perpetrator's, namely bear, wolves, and mosquitoes.

What a view to wake up too the next morning! Must head home as I have to work later this afternoon. I hate work and love fun!!

7/24/12. Logging and riding in High Valley, Id, at our family friend Eldon's place. And camping!!

It looks like I'm having fun, but I assure you, cutting your own wood ain't easy!

So, after the logging operation ceased for the day, and since I brought the TW with, thought I'd enjoy an evening ride with my pard.
Can't hardly tell she wants to go. I always have to beg her to go riding with me. Not!! Georgie patiently waiting for me to "get the motor running"...

Since we're in High Valley, guess I'll take a picture of part of it.

One of the summits heading into High Valley. Two other summits heading into the valley that I can think of, are Dry Buck and High Valley summits. I think!

Me and Georgie take a break.

Use to be lots of sheep bands (herds) in years gone by. Still a few bands around, but not like it use to be. Though it still looks like it could be used, here is one of the old sheep corals. Lots of cattle now grazing up in these parts.

Well, you can tell by the look of Georgie our ride is almost over. I've just secured the gate to Eldon's driveway and gonna head back to camp and call it good. Hope you enjoyed a few places I get to ride and do when not at work. Did I forget to mention I hate work and love fun!!! Enjoy!
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