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Bad or no wifi has kept me off the either these last few days but here on Kootenay Lake I've got the fastest yet. So. to catch up.
Taking a jaunt over Paul Lake Rd. north of Kamloops I was able to hit some dirt and feel out the beast a little more. Admittedly it was a good gravel road and I found the Guzzi's handling rock steady. 600 plus pounds may just have some advantage. Greatest fear being how do I right this beast if and when she goes over? Something I attempt to practice with help at Bubba's.
Paul Lake was a beautiful short hop opening up to the valley below.

Then it was on to Revelstoke on the TCH. Gotta love this high speed cruising in total comfort. Big cushy seat gives me no grief at all and the windshield works the way it should. Plus with the weight, crosswinds barely move her.
I've been chasing the tail end of this storm and because of its slow movements, keep almost running into it. The local weather satellite photos show it as looking like a Typhoon covering a big portion of BC. It might not have the same winds but I'm sure it matched the moisture levels. Thankfully it is moving on towards Alberta.
Revelstoke turned out to be a pretty town with majestic peaks close by and a beautiful river running thru. Too bad about the damn trains rolling by thru the night.

Sun came out the next morning as I headed south on 23 the the ferry on Upper Arrow lakes. The colour of the water in these lakes has to make them the jewels of the Kootenays.

Any wonder that this is the area I want to end up in when this is over?

The ride down and past Nakusp has some of the best riding roads in BC, imho. Unfortunately, my mind was pulled to the increasing bad running of my new bike. The farther I went, the more the vibration would increase and the power would diminish. Every time I stopped. It would seem to start out ok and then get worse. Idle was down from 1300 to 1100 but it wasn't stalling or anything. This was all happening on a full tank of fuel from Revelstoke. Even got the Chevron super duper stuff. It got to a point that I took this motel room outside of Nelson so I could get some internet access. Immediately went onto for some answers and called on my friend Jim (Bubba). He's a fairly new owner of a Norge and is wise in the way of the world. Best answers, actually, came from him. 1. check for tank vacuum. Bike was sitting for an hour now and I had removed the plugs to find both left and right with normal burning signs. The right was maybe a little more leaner but not much. With over an hour down, I did pop the filler cap to hear a small amout of hiss. As I had had the tank jaccked up to find the damn hidden heated grip wires so I could install them, I may have pinched the vent hoses. I was very careful lowering it back down but, who knows. One thing I remember whilst looking for the extremely well hidden grip wires was that I was able to look thru a space in the frame and actually discover the bastiges but I had to reef the vent hoses aside to look. I now checked those and did indeed see one squeezed between the frame and tank. Freed it up but have not yet tested the bike. 2. Bubba mentioned the recess where the tank cap is mounted actually holds water around its edge and, in the rain I noticed this puddle there. He said a previous KTM was running like poo because of water and a water dispersion additive fixed it right up. So it will be off to Lordco for me this morning. And if it doesn't get any better, Jim said there is a new KTM outlet in Nelson that may be able to help. I will also head for Bubba's a day early and strip her down (AGAIN!) to make it wasn't my bad. No, really. I am lovin this bike. Just haven't done so much wrenching on a new bike in a while.
I said to Jim; "you know the chase scene in Bullett? This bike sounds remarkaby like the GT when doing accelerated hiway shifts at 6 grand. Just no double shifting here." He said," I know I said that very thing." Lol.
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