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The New World I.9 – Life away from the big city

The first guy we meet after leaving Miami in the morning is Ira. Riding a big japoneze cruiser, he passes buy us and then stops a few miles ahead and waits for us. When I’ve noticed him I stop to ask if he is OK and he just says “Yes, I’m just waiting for you”.
We spent a few minutes chating about how’s life there, what interesting rides are in the area, motorcycles (he would like to chance his motorcycle and is quite interested in the VStrom). Ira tells me that riding a Japanese cruiser is not always easy as for example the Harley Davidson crowd do not like other bikes and do not salute or help other bikes. I cannot believe that’s like this. I think that a nice rider is nice, regardless of what bike he has. At least we hope so!
He takes us a picture and since we do not have so many of the two of us on the bike, here you go. Ready to roll in Manitoba. As you might notice, Andreea insists on displaying her tan, acquired on Miami beach…
We continue and as today we had few miles to cover, we have the time to stop and check the scenery.

Today we were going to stop at Bill’s. He is a motorcyclist and a fellow AdvRider. We actually made the first contact on advrider while I was asking some questions about the route. Since then we were just emailing eachother and now the time to finally come to meet.
For the next 3 days we were his guests at his farm and got to meet his wonderful family and see how the lives goes there. I rode the tractor.
We visited the Riding Mountain national park. Well Mountain is for the guys in Manitoba everything who is a little bit above the prairies level I do not think we got more than 900 m altitude but still the view was so wide and spectacular:
Other details from our walk in the park:
Follow me

Since we arrived in Canada, we keep seeing all kind of wildlife. This is so different from Europe, where you usually do not see them roaming free. True, our first wildlife in Canada was in fact some roadkill on the highway between Montreal and Toronto (and no, no pictures of that! ) But then we got to see so many others, even in the cities. Some were (until now) to fast for us to snap a picture of (like the humming birds or the chipmunks). But others…
If you look carefully in the next picture you may see a beaver

And in the next one, you do not have to look very carefully to see a bear.
Yeap, my first real bear seen in the wilderness. My friends know that I have a special “affinity” for bears. This time I was in the car though so it was quite fine. Plus, the little guy was not interested in us at all, he was too busy with his ants.
Bill, Brenda and her daughter Lisa were such nice hosts and made us wanting to stay more. Sadly that was not quite possible as we had to move on.
During our last evening there, I took the quad out for some shots in the farm.
golden skies in the sunset

just another day at the office

sunset over the MurMak farm

Thank you for everything! And see you on the road!
Written in Saskatoon, while eating a Romanian dish!
Next time, we will try to cover a lot of distance but instead we end up swing dancing in Saskatoon! Stay tuned!
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