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Originally Posted by PenultimateMan View Post
So if you just took the cartridges, I would imagine that the forks aren't adjustable. That hasn't been a problem for you, I take it?
The XChallenge cartridges are adjustable .... sort of !

In typical BMW style the XC has cheaper more compromised fork internals compared to "proper" Shiver internals. That being said, they aren't as cheap and crappy as the F800GS bits. They have proper compresssion damping adjustment on one fork and a more limited rebound adjustment on the other. Both adjustments are on top of the fork like the rebound adjustments on "real" shiver forks. Therefore you don't have to machine the fork bottoms for the compression adjusters and they literally are a drop in mod. The best part about them compared to the original 800 cartridges is that they appear to have hydraulic bottoming circuits so that I no longer have that terrible crashing, clunky bottoming happening.

It would have been very cheap and easy for BMW to have used cartridges like the XC (and HP2) ones in the F800GS. Some people would have found that they weren't good enough, but most people would have been happy, and they would have had some adjustment to play with.

YMMV as they say, but I'm pretty happy with the 800's suspension now. The rear (with Hyperpro progressive spring) is now the weak link, but I'm not sure I could really justify big, expensive changes at the moment, it all seeems to work pretty well. THe suspension people who did the work for me have a rebuild with modification for the rear shock, so maybe I'll go that way later.
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