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Originally Posted by jackpiner57 View Post
Just thought I'd post up about the testing of the E racks. I have them on two different E's and so far so good.

I have been reluctant to tie the two side racks together with a bar around the back, because I'm afraid that if one side takes a hit, it will bend the entire aluminum sub frame out of shape.

As they are now, (both sides independent) you can bend the side rack back into shape if it takes a hard hit.

What do you guys think?
Tom, Every adventure story I ever read in print, like Odyssey to Ushuaia, goes into great length over and over about how often their luggage racks cracked and failed on "independently sided" racking systems. It would seem there's got to be a connection between the two sides. Could part of the connection between the two sides be somehow a fusible link? You know something rigid enough to connect the two sides in daily use but deliberately weak enough to shear under the right circumstances?
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