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looking to make a trail/desert bike out of a 98 YZ250

Looking at a 98 YZ on Sat and I am starting to get ideas in my head about turning it into something that would be decent in the woods and maybe not so bad in the desert. The bike belongs to a friend of mine and appears to be in pretty rough shape so this will probably be a long rebuild, which is not so bad since i am going to be off of work for a while anyway. So far the list in my head looks like this:

bigger tank
new wheels/tires
skid plate
new chassis bearings

If anyone notices anything i miss feel free to chime in and call me a dumbass. Any suggestions on which brand of what or what size of this or that will be heard and appreciated. The engine in this bike is supposed to run 'awesome' in the words of my mostly alcholic buddy. I will know more about the bike on Sat, but will most likely own it as i have a tendency to buy bikes without too much thought. It does have a clear title and i will be making it street legal with a bigger stator. Does anyone make a fan kit for this bike with a bigger stator? Guess i will have to find out.
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