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I checked online but can't find a weight measurement for this particular rack. On that note, I can't find much of ANY info on this rack. However, there is a bit more info (incl youtube videos) for the KLR and other bikes this rack is available for. I suspect because Moose does more dirt/dualsport stuff.

Moose Racing also offers 1520 to mount to this - from what I can tell, just a rebadged regular 1520 but I believe it's 26 or 30L vs. 35L Pelican 1550 and 36L Storm im2600.

My really short summary of the rack/install:

1) Came with photo/written instructions that were clear and easy to follow and hardware came in separate, clearly labelled baggies
2) Install steps themselves were straight forward (remove bolts, put in bolts, extend wiring, done)
3) Construction seems really solid and I can at least vouch for the top rack as it's basically my previous TCI Borrego top rack welded to two side racks. I used that one for 2 seasons with absolutely no issues.
4) Really cheap - under $350 for a system that includes side AND top rack. The pair of Pelicans (Storm im2600, similar to 1550) I have on order come to $300.
5) Spring load mechanism seems really strong and a padlock can be added to secure the cases to the racks.

1) Was kinda of a b**** to install because once a certain area was bolted tight, another shifted enough that the bolt could not go through (if that makes sense). Two person job - one to hold rack tight while the other tightens bolts.
2) Really tight on exhaust side. Worried a slight hit there would dent right into the exhaust and possible melting of plastic cases (I'll probably put some heat shield on the case just to be safe)
3) Rack does not remove from bike, only cases - I don't mind but some might want the flexibility.

I've got a ton of pic so I'll just dump them here in case anyone finds them useful:


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