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Handlebar goes back on.

2 short brackets seen in last post bolt to the rack and under the tail to brace it - I like this as it prevents heavy weight bending the brackets inwards over time:

But annoying to install as seen here. I realized I need to grow my arms and improve my eyesight!

Photos of the bolts (see how the plates don't exactly match up? I'm not sure it's a mistake though as the hole for the bolt is oval as if it's a slide-to-fit design):

You're supposed to put the bolts/washers/nuts on loosely starting from the front bolts, then the back of the racks. Then go back to the front and tighten. This makes me think they understand this would be an issue (a really tight fit). See below how the holes don't line up? If you tighten the bolts in the photos above, you'll get this misalignment at the top rack. If you tighten the top rack first, you'll get misalignment at the bottom. !@#$!! So here's where a second (strong) person comes into play - holds the rack with the holes aligned while you tighten the various bolts down.

Here's a photo of how tight it is against the exhaust.

This was really annoying, too. The bolt where the indicator light is. It's really tight against the plastic cover and hard to tighten down:

Waiting (impatiently!) for my Storm im2600 pair from Twisted Throttle - should get them in a week or so. I'll post the install when it comes.

Riding down south for a few weeks and camping it soon so I'll also post a review of how they hold up then.
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