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Originally Posted by caljw View Post

Poolside is there an update somewhere? Did I miss it or was that just a head fake ropey dopey thingy to keep us mesmerized
No Caljw, there's no rope-a-dope going on, I didn't get an update posted yesterday. If anything, I am the dope. (But keep your fingers crossed anyway about the bids I have out.)

Here's what's happening. I just now finished a short batch of 10 pieces and got them into the epoxy. The potting steps will be complete and cured over the weekend and they will ship on Monday. I needed to do a short batch to make some room in my available potting capacity for a couple of special projects.

Regarding the 30 piece sale, as of now there are a few pieces left to reach 30. Though as I mentioned a little while back, we promised some foreign deliveries. To make good on that I'll build an additional number in order to satisfy our foreign brothers.


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