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Arghhhh!!!! Flipping mice! Those things are amazing, the places they can get into. A friend took his car to the mechanic once because it was running very poorly, no power, chugging at low RPM, etc. When he picked it up that evening there was a gallon ZipLock baggie filled to bursting with dog chow sitting on the car seat. WTF?? The service guy said "That was in your air cleaner compartment. We just cleaned it out and put a new filter in and it runs perfectly." He kept the car in his garage next to a 50 pound bag of dog food. I wonder how many trips between the dog chow sack and air cleaner it took for those teensy little mice to fill that compartment up? We have a farm here in Virginia and have endless issues with mice; they will even chew the plastic covering off your wiring. Not good. I made the mistake of storing my beer brewing stuff with some left-over grain near my ski boots once and ended up with both boots nearly filled with grain. That was a lot of trips for those little buggers! Luckily they were too enthralled with the grain to chew on the boot linings. Hopefully your little pals didn't tear anything else up for materials to make their nest.

You know I was just kidding about the sleeping through the night thing. My kids are 26 and 29 now and I still remember the sleep depravation phase. Ughhh. I got caught once sleeping with earplugs screwed in and it took YEARS to get over that indescretion! I tell you, women are a lot tougher than most men I've known. If men had to have the babies there sure as hell wouldn't be 7 billion of us on the planet. I'd do it once and say WHOA that's enough of that crap!!

Take care!

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