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Originally Posted by MotoKaw View Post
My old throttle and enricher cables are kinked right above the metal end fitting on the sleve, above the adjustment fitting that screws into the top of the Bing. I ordered new cables from BMW, but they will just do the same thing eventually without some additional "flexible" support.

Go to your hardware store and look through their selection of springs. I used 7/16-inch x 3-inch compression springs from Midwest Fastener Corp. in Kalamazoo, Mich. (* - they just happen to supply my local hardware store. Part #18676 (spring #165 on the board) is what I used, but others would have worked too.

The picture pretty much tells the story. This size spring will slip over the grip end of the new cable, slide down past the kink point (the joint between the cable sleeve and the metal end fitting) to the adjustment fitting, where it will rest on top of the jamb nut. If you aren't replacing cables and don't want to remove your existing ones from the grip housing just to do this simple mod, simply open the crimped end of the spring a bit (like a key-ring) to get it started on the cable, then wind the spring on over the cable -

Finished. The springs cross the kink point and are supported at the bottom by the adjustment fitting screwed into the Bing cover. This will help give some lateral support to the cable sleeve and spread the load over a broader area so it doesn't kink right where the cable sleeve exits the metal end fitting -

Comparatively cheap('ish) protection at $0.90 each.

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* Based on Midwest Fastener's web site I may have to take a ride to Kalamazoo to see this place in person! I'm a hardware store junkie, expecially the 'hardware' isle itself! In the sixth picture down, on the back wall, you can see the kind of spring display that my local store had.
Any worry that the cable will be damaged from vibration?

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